About us


  • Where is this store based?
Kogiketsu is based in the USA.
  • Is this site real?
Yep, it's 100% real. We've been in business since May 2016 and have shipped thousands of orders to customers all across the world. Still not convinced?

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We've got plenty of reviews and customer pictures throughout the store as well (Big shout out to all our loyal customers 🥰)



    • What is your Return Policy?

    All products sold on Kogiketsu.com include a 30-day money back guarantee. You can read more about our return policy here.


    • Do you allow exchanges?

    Yup! They follow the same rules as our returns.




    • What are your shipping cost & times?

    Shipping on Kogiketsu is 100% free worldwide and all orders are shipped with tracking within 1 - 2 days of ordering. With a few exceptions, you can expect most orders from Kogiketsu to arrive within 1 - 2 weeks for US and European customers. On very rare occasions (customs, weather, etc) orders can take up to 2 months to be delivered. If a package is taking too long to arrive, reach out to us and we'll work with our shipping providers to see what's going on. If your package doesn't arrive we'll refund you and even send you a gift card as an apology.


    • Where do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide, with an exception of a few places. If you don't see your country as an option at checkout, just contact us so we can fix that.


    • Where don't you ship to?

    Currently we cannot shipped to armed forces addresses. You may choose to have the items sent to the US and shipped from there to your APO by friends/family, but we're currently unable to ourselves.


    • Will I be able to track my order?

    Yes, once your order has been shipped we'll update you with a tracking number. A link to the tracking page will be supplied through the shipment email.


    • Possible customs fees?

    Customs fees are rare, but can happen on occasion. By ordering on Kogiketsu you consent that one or more packages may have customs fees and that Kogiketsu is not responsible for customs fees.


    • Will my order get here before ______?

    We cannot guarantee delivery dates, so it's highly recommended you don't order near a deadline (birthday, anniversary, etc) if it needs to arrive before then. Instead you should order a few weeks in advance or, even better, get a Kogiketsu gift card which is delivered by email once your order is processed.


    • My order isn't here yet, what's up?

    Shipping times vary based on a number of things including logistics, weather, customs, and your national postal service. Contact us if your order hasn't arrived within 30 days so we can figure out what's happening.

    If it's been less than 30 days, your package is still in transit and you have nothing to worry about.




    • What are my payment options?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cirrus, American Express, Paypal, and Amazon. Yeah, basically everything!


    • Is my information safe?

    Of course it is! All your payment information is encrypted and processed through Shopify, Paypal, or Amazon depending on your payment method. The only information we store is your name, email, and address for obvious reasons. 


    • How do I enter a discount code?

    That depends on what type of device you're on. If you're on a computer/laptop then it will be here, but if you're on a phone/tablet it will be here.

    If you use Paypal / Amazon as a payment method, you'll be able to use the discount after verifying your credentials and payment through their websites.


    • The price changed at checkout, what's up?

    This is a common questions for customers ordering outside the US. We automatically detect what country you're from when you enter our store, and change the currency accordingly for your convenience. When you enter the checkout however, the prices will be converted back into US Dollars. (This is due to us being a US based store)

    Rest assure that the price is the same no matter what currency is.




    • What size should I order?

    If a product says "US Size" it's true to size, otherwise sizes typically run 1 - 2 sizes smaller than EU/US. In that case: order a size up for accurate fit & two sizes up for oversized! As all products are unique we have included approximate measurements in the description.



    • What if I need to cancel my order?

    Contact us asap so we can look into cancelling for you.


    • What if I need to make a change to my order?

    You don't have to cancel it - just let us know and we'll make the change for you manually. (Just make sure you contact us asap)


    • What if I still have questions?

    Shoot us a message on our contact page and we'll respond within 24 hours.