Promoter Welcome

Welcome to Kogiketsu! We're happy to have you 🥰

To get you started as fast as possible, please follow these steps:

1. Sign up here: (Please use the email you used when you applied to be a promoter - if you are a promoter we met on Instagram just use whatever email you'd like)

2. Reply back to our acceptance email and let us know you signed up (If you were a promoter we met on Instagram, DM us and let us know you signed up)

3. Start posting!


Promoter info:

So how does this work? It's simple! You'll get a unique discount code that you share with your friends, followers, family...whoever you want! For every 5 orders made using your discount code we'll offer you a gift voucher for our store!

The gift voucher value will be based off the total value of orders you've brought to the store and can be used to get whatever you'd like from our store.

You can use to track how many people have used your discount code and how close you are to getting your free Kogiketsu merch. Typically will update you on our own, but if you notice you have enough orders just contact us using the contact form here or email us at

Please remember:

1. Orders you make yourself don't count

2. Back to back orders from the same person do not count as multiple orders (For example: If someone makes 5 orders in 1 hour using your code, it only counts as 1 order)


Frequently asked questions:

  • What % does my discount code take off?

We'll tell you what % it takes off in the initial email we send you. If we ever change it we'll update you by email. Typically we change it if we're having a sale to make your discount as good or better than our current sale discount.

  • I don't have any clothes can I promote?

Post as you normally would and include an @kogiketsu in your caption/story with your discount code. Plenty of promoters do this and have brought 100s of orders to us this way

  • Are there any other ways to earn free clothes?

Yep! Sometimes we'll send an email about a sale or giveaway we're doing on Instagram. We'll ask you to help bring attention to these by posting to your followers and letting them know we're having a sale or giveaway. As a reward, we'll give you some free clothes or a gift voucher.